The Importance of a Good UI and UX for your App

By January 28, 2019 August 27th, 2019 Design, Development

In the experience economy, customers place value on the aesthetics, speed, and usability of almost every product they use, including mobile apps. Whether your brand has an existing app or is building one from scratch, two fundamental components are crucial in order for your app to succeed—a flawless user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX).

While companies like FreshinUp have experts who can build apps at lower price points than other agencies, cutting corners on building your app without great UX and UI designs will end up costing you more than just your initial investment.

To understand the importance of a well-developed app, here are reasons how a good or bad UX/UI design can make or break the success of your app:

Brand Image and Identity

Just like your logo and brand color scheme, the look and feel of your UI is the face of your brand. Apps should have clean designs that lack clutter and too many complex features and should be frequently updated in order to gain consumer trust. Once you have a clear layout of the visual components of your app, it’s important to have an app that is easy to use in order to align with your brand identity. With 97% of customers reporting that ‘ease of use’ is the most important quality for mobile apps, customers who have a poor user experience on mobile—especially on an eCommerce platform—will associate your brand with providing a poor customer service experience resulting in a decline in brand loyalty.

Reviews and Credibility

On average, users will read one or two reviews before downloading your app, so it’s important that your app has good public perception. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to damage your credibility. Only a few bad reviews can prevent users from downloading your app, especially if it has to be purchased. It’s imperative to run frequent tests and perform design updates to make sure your app is performing at maximum capacity.

Customers and ROI

While it may seem more cost effective to launch an app with mediocre designs and a shoddy UX, it will end up costing you more in the long run. With Apple and Google making frequent updates to their app requirements, your app could become incompatible with iOS and Android devices and require a complete rebuild. Businesses also need to consider building a native vs. a cross-platform app due to these same devices requirements constantly changing.

Not only could your app require a rebuild or suffer the ramifications of integration issues from having a native instead of custom-platform app, you could see a direct loss in profits due to an unsatisfactory UX. According to a survey conducted by Econsultancy, 75% of companies feel that UX can be directly linked to sales and conversions, which means your competition is most likely investing in an app that provides a good user experience.

Most importantly, if your app fails to provide the best user experience possible, you’ll lose your customers and hurt your business.

FreshinUp can provide cost-effective app solutions without compromising your UI/UX. Contact us to learn more about our app development services and receive a same-day estimate.

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