Membership App Program

Thinking about a Membership App?

If your vision is to build a fan base and establish a direct line to them, then you'll want to take a look at this program. Membership apps are a beautiful way to reward and connect with loyal brand followers.

Run your own Membership platform and build 'brand fans'.

  • Give your company its own branded Membership platform.
  • Charge members or make it free
  • Include loyalty, chat, push, coupons and special member content if you like.
  • Have Brand Influencers and Ambasitoors lead the content and discussions
  • Connect Ecommerce to reward purchases
  • We’ll design it to look like your company and your brand.
  • Full tech support available
  • You’ll have a new Website, Management tools and Apps in less than 60 days.

Our program includes:


A Consumer Website

  • Works Just like the Apps
  • Users can use the Website or Apps
  • Redesigned to fit your Brand
  • All Content syncs with the Apps


An Administrative Website

  • Manage the entire business
  • Approve/Suspend Users
  • Manage all content and social posts
  • Manage Loyalty system, push notifications


An iOS
Mobile App

  • App available on the Apple App Store
  • Users can recieve Push notifications
  • Provides analytical data
  • Looks and feels like a top-tier app


An Android
Mobile App

  • App available on Google Play Store
  • Users can recieve Push notifications
  • Provides analytical data
  • Looks and feels like a top-tier app

We'll guide you through a simple process...

Here’s what to expect…

1. We demonstrate the entire system...

Simply set up a time to see the platform and we’ll answer all of your questions. When you’re ‘good-to-go’, we begin.

2. We configure the modules and apply your brands 'look and feel'.

Sit back, while we configure your new platform and make it look like your brand.

3. We load your content and users.

Relax while we load your articles, blogs, social posts, images and existing customer records if you have them. We also can tie in other ecommerce systems or add your own store.

4. When you approve, we launch everything for you.

After you take a test-drive and all is ready… simply hand us a URL and we’ll launch your new website and apps. Use, or an original url. We’ll make it easy and fast.

5. After launch... you have full Tech Support

Any issues? Simply file a ticket at our support center, and we will respond in minutes. Pay only for modifications or changes to the system.

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