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We are ecommerce experts

From Magento to Woo commerce, Squarespace or BigCommerce, we have done it all. Not just simple B2C ecommerce mind you but complex b2b, multi-warehouse, complex/configurable product ecommerce and connection to back office ERP systems for inventory and pick/pack, order status and financials.

If you need a new ecommerce strategy, fresh design and advanced features, we have the best people in the country ready to help you.


Pre-built Module Libraries and Plugins

We have collected a complete list of modules and plugins for every type of ecommerce. From managing users, content, locations, promotions, discounts and shipping rules to alternate pricing sets and even custom tools for your b2b or b2c shoppers. We can use these modules and redesign them for you, saving you thousands of dollars in development and testing.

Fixed price options

We have some fixed price ecommerce programs for you if you’d rather proceed that way. We have 3 sizes; small ($4k), medium ($8k) and large ($24k). Ask us for more info…or hire us on an hourly basis, we can provide a quick estimate for your project.

FreshinUp Ecommerce Websites

Here’s what we do for you…

Planning Services

We start with a kick-off meeting, listening to what you have, need or hope for and we build your list of requirements, using our planning board to document everything for your approval. It’s a visual way to plan, yet very detailed so no requirement is left missing.

ecommerce website design services

FreshinUp then designs all the website pages/screens for you, down to the pixel, making sure your website follows best-in-web UX philosophies so your site looks like the best, most expensive on the market. You need to look great and on par with the most expensive brands, no matter how big your business. We use industry best-practices for UX and creative so you can compete and win.

Build Services

FreshinUp then builds your entire ecommerce platform for rollout and live test. Our new Agile build project management system ensures no wasted time or failures. We track every menu, every function through the building and testing process, so no feature is left behind. All code is tracked, stored, tested and documented, most firms do not do this.

Ecommerce Support Services

After launch, we stick with you, providing any support you need; design changes, functional changes… simply file a ticket on our Support Site and our engineers will jump on it. You also have complete control over everything… source code, server, design files… all yours. Don’t work with anyone who holds your code, servers, files or domain!

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