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Custom WordPress Experts

We have the best Custom WordPress people in the country… designers and coders. Other firms hire the person who lives down the street, we hire the best people we can find, no matter where they live. And we insist they do the best job possible for you.

We find plugins for you, redesign them or design new wordpress plugins to meet your business needs. Don’t trust this to just anyone, it takes experts with experience.


We know plugins, themes and customization options

We know the best themes and plugins to build the site you need, sometimes using plugins from other unreleated industries and showing you how they can work for your company. Most firms or freelancers simply don’t have this custome WordPress experience or willingness to move outside their offerings. But FreshinUp, puts you first.

We give you budget options

We have fixed price WordPress site options or we can estimate your project if it’s beyond cookie-cutter. We even have Custom Coding options for you should your company be ready to move away from open-source. At FreshinUp, we pride ourselves on giving you options to meet your budget and long term tech strategy.
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We deploy the latest security methods for WordPress

WordPress is secure, if you follow the latest best-practices on your server, with plugins and with access. So we also employ the strictest security measures to make sure your servers, code, plugins and data are safer from attack. Should an attack happen, we can respond and redeploy your entire system in a matter of hours. Most firms just don’t have that kind of WordPress security experience.

FreshinUp Custom WordPress Websites

Here’s what we do for you…

Planning Services

We start with a kick-off meeting to document and listen to your companies goals and needs. We then research systems, themes and plugins to see what existing tools might help you, charting features and designs to make your website very competitive and valuable for you. We build your list of requirements, using our visual planning board to document everything for your approval. Most companies do not plan your projects this well, nor deliver a collaborative, easy to understand first step.

WordPress Design Services

FreshinUp then designs all your wordpress screens for you, using the plugins you’ve authorized, new features you need and the beautiful look and feel your expected. We use industry best-practices for UX and creative so your app looks amazing on any sized screen or device.

Custom WordPress Build Services

FreshinUp then builds your entire custom wordpress website for rollout and live test. Our new Agile build project management system ensures no wasted time or failures. We track every menu, every function through the building and testing process, so no feature is left behind. All code is tracked, stored, tested and documented, most firms do not do this and it’s very important for future changes or any new programmer you may hire down the line.

Support Services

We are then available for any support needs you may have… design changes, functional changes, simply file a ticket on our Support system and our engineers will jump on it. We also cover any errors or omissions in you app! (nobody does that). So if we didnt code something according to your instructions, we cover it.

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