MVP Apps

Your New App Team is here... we'll do the work, you be the hero.


We'll be your App experts, so you can do your thing.

We have the best people in the country… planners, designers and coders. We hire the best people we can find, no matter where they live. Now, they’re on your team, so you can get moving while focusing on what you do best.

You need tech options, we have tech options.

We can give you 4 distinct technology pathways to build what you need. The lowest option will save you thousands, the highest option gives you an amazing enterprise solution. We’ll help you make a great decision.

You'll like our simple pricing options too.

We have 3 sizes, small ($6k), medium ($12k) and large ($24k). Or hire us on an hourly basis… either way, we want to make it easy for you.

Websites with the Apps in one package, to make sure you're covered everywhere.

You’ll likely need iOS and Android Apps, a management website and a user website. We give you those in one project, saving you thousands now and with future updates. We got you.
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Sleep better at night with the latest Technology and Security.

Your new team deploys the strictest security measures and processes to make sure your servers, code and data are safer from attack. We have your back.

MVP App Pricing Options



  • PWA Apps for iOS & Android
  • Original Design
  • Open Source Foundation
  • Administrative Website
  • Up to 20 Screens



  • Android & iOS Apps
  • Original Design
  • Custom Cloud-based Application
  • Administrative Website
  • Up to 60 Screens

Or hire us by the hour

  • Only pay for what you use
  • Ballpark estimates in 24 hours
  • Pick your service (plan, design, build or support)
  • Start, Pause, Cancel any time

FreshinUp Apps

Here’s what we do for you…

We plan, you make sure we have it right.

We listen to everything you hope to build into your App. Then you can watch our Pinterest-like planning board evolve towards your approval. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s complete.

Then we design, so your app looks like a million.

Your new design team makes sure your app looks like the best, most expensive Apps on the market. We use industry best-practices for UX and creative so your app looks amazing.

Tight, tracked and tested build services so you can relax and yet be informed

Your team tracks every screen, menu, function and code snippet through the building and testing process, so no feature is left behind. All code is tracked, stored, tested and documented so you know your project was done right.

And you'll have complete support after Launch.

Simply file a ticket on our Support system and our engineers or designers jump on it. There are no monthly support obligations and you control your servers, code and files. We got you.

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