Why choose FreshinUp for your App development?


We are App experts

We have the best people in the country… planners, designers and coders. Other firms hire the person who lives down the street, we hire the best people we can find, no matter where they live. And we insist they do the best job possible for you.

Pre-built Module Library

We have collected a complete list of modules to manage users, content, locations, friending, mapping, ecommerce and many, many more. We can redesign these modules for you, saving you thousands of dollars in development.

MVP Fixed price options

We offer fixed price App program as well, if you’d rather proceed that way. We have 3 sizes, small ($6k), medium ($12k) and large ($24k). Ask us for more info…or hire us on an hourly basis… we’ll get you an estimate once we know more about your project.

All-in-One Building

FreshinUp builds your iOS app, your Android app and your website management tools at one time, saving you thousands now and with future updates. Most app firms build each app separately and do not use new technology.
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We use the latest Technology and Security

We use the latest technology, approved by both apple and android. We also employ the strictest security measures to make sure your servers, code and data are safer from attack.

FreshinUp Apps

Here’s what we do for you…

Planning Services

We start quick, kicking off with a meeting to hear everything you hope to build into your App. We then build your list of requirements, using our easy-to-understand planning board to document everything for your approval. We don’t move forward until you’re comfortable and happy.

Design Services

FreshinUp then designs all screens for you, down to the pixel, making sure your app looks like the best, most expensive Apps on the market. We use industry best-practices for UX and creative so your app looks amazing.

Build Services

FreshinUp then builds your entire App for rollout and live test. Our new Agile build project management system ensures no wasted time or failures.We track every menu, every function through the building and testing process, so no feature is left behind. All code is tracked, stored, tested and documented, most firms do not do this.

Support Services

We are then available for any support needs you may have… design changes, functional changes, simply file a ticket on our Support system and our engineers will jump on it. There are no monthly support obligations and you control your servers, code and files. 

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