Be mobile friendly or customers will drive bye-bye

By October 11, 2018 February 25th, 2019 Design

Is it important to be mobile friendly? Research says yes! Almost 60% of people use mobile devices for their initial search. Do you really want to turn away over half of your current or future customers by being unfriendly? Optimize your digital marketing by making your website mobile friendly!

Gone in 3 seconds!

You have 3 seconds to win…or you lose. That’s how long consumers will wait until they get impatient and antsy to move on. 3 seconds. Does your mobile site perform to this standard? What’s that costing you in real dollars?

Here’s an easy test to take:

  1. Is it easy to read?
  2. Easy to navigate?
  3. Easy to look at?

If you don’t know the answer, have a friend or colleague take the test and give you an honest evaluation. (or we would be happy to give you our professional opinion) I think you know what they want…the same thing you want when searching. A site that is fast; secure; immediately accessible; and full of great, mobile friendly content.

A few must do’s:

Once you’ve won the race to 3 seconds, you can’t rest on your laurels. You had better be secure and able to prove it, or your customer is moving on to a hacker-free site. We can help with security.

Likewise, being accessible and mobile friendly is more than just providing a miniature version of your web page. Nobody likes to squint or constantly enlarge tiny type.  Font sizes and button sizes matter. Remember, be friendly! Your name, address, and phone number better be prominent or…you guessed it…gone in 3 seconds.

A quality mobile website will attract viewers in droves, so don’t let them drive by. We can get started in about 3 seconds!

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