We Plan Everything

We take the same approach for every one of your projects. Whether it’s a new social campaign, or a new app, our visual planning boards help your company map out everything you need to proceed with confidence.

We Design every pixel

We design everything, every screen, every word, every button. So you can feel good moving forward. In the end, you’ll have a complete library of elements and source files to use, on other projects, or for improvements in the future. We also use best practices from the UX world, so every single screen incorporates the latest usability trends. This is very important for making great software and apps that people will love and use.

We Build and Support

No matter what your project, we build it using an Agile approach. We track small ‘tickets’ and code related to each function you approved. Code works it’s way through automated testing, DEV, STAGE, PROD servers and is documented and cataloged in your repository. Most firms simply do not have this methodology or experience and it’s necessary for building and supporting reliable solutions.

  • Scott S.
    We first engaged FreshinUp for help branding and launching a new service but the team soon became a valued asset for marketing, strategic product development and technology expertise and are now working on how our products and services might evolve to help us grow.
    Scott S.
  • Chrissy B.
    I worked with FreshinUp to help define our new growth strategies and brand messaging for a whole new audience. We love the work they did and are now charging forward! Thank you FreshinUp.
    Chrissy B.
  • Alan M.
    They knew what they were doing, worked within budget, and the result was fantastic -- a revised website better than I expected or planned!
    Alan M.
  • Kristin J.
    On time, great creative for both digital and print media, quick turn-around on client changes, flexibility in meeting inevitable challenges, excellent customer service.
    Kristin J.
  • Neal M.
    They have been incredibly helpful and responsive. A++
    Neal M.
  • Lizette M.
    They provided great support. They were very patient and listened to all our questions and/or concerns. We had a limited budget and they provided us with different options to help our company get started.
    Lizette M.
  • Lucinda B.
    We came to them with nothing at the start of this project, and they helped to guide us in the right direction, and design our website exactly as we had envisioned.
    Lucinda B.
  • Laura B.
    They were quick, responsive and very knowledgeable. Our small business was up and running in no time with their expertise and suggestions guiding us along the way.
    Laura B.
  • Katie P.
    Working with FreshinUp was the best choice I could have made for creating a website I had been dreaming of for months. I was given a project coordinator who communicated with me at every step. There were detailed emails and calls to keep me in the loop throughout the entire process. They were flexible with my ability to make payments and so hands-on once we launched. I felt like they understood my vision and made my dream a reality.
    Katie P.